A Real Estate Agents Guide to Facebook Ads  

Few industries rely on online marketing as much as the real estate and housing industries do in this digital age. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have made it near impossible to go online and not see a friend or someone you know “living their best life” in their new or showing off their latest renovation.  

These platforms have essentially become online marketplaces for businesses to strut their stuff and convince you that you need to try their product or service. This is good for the real estate industry and needs to be capitalised upon quickly.   

When it comes to a real estate agency or anything in the real estate industry, very few people realise just how much work it takes to market yourself effectively online. It’s a mammoth task!  

As a real agent, you also need to be aware of the homebuyer trends throughout the year. This can make your marketing plight that much harder.    


Well, that means whatever you want to market or push in an ad will eventually need to change or adapt to the trends. And this needs to happen regularly. On the ball, up-to-date, and with the currents! This is the real estate agent’s plight.  

It can be tedious for real estate agents looking to market themselves and get new listings because the sheer effort and seemingly endless stream of information and knowledge needed to do that is just too overwhelming.  

In saying that, for an agent or agency to grow, there needs to be an emphasis on online marketing. Thousands upon thousands of advertisements are posted online daily, which has resulted in today’s social media marketers not getting very far without utilising a paid advertising platform.   

This is where Facebook Ads can help. We’re going to look at how you can best utilise Facebook’s paid advertising platform for the remainder of this article, with the goal of giving you a better understanding of how they work and what they can do for your real esate agency life.   

Ready? Let’s go.  

What are Facebooks Ads?  

Facebook ads are paid posts placed online by a business or brand to reach a wider audience than just those who already know about them. The goal of paying for this content to go out is to attract new customers by exposing them to you and your business through the paid post.   

As we’ve mentioned above, there’s very little room to grow on social media unless you venture into the paid media sector. Facebook Ads give you the tools to reach your ideal customers and prospects through their advertising funnel while still staying true to your everyday content and brand identity.   

Setting up an ad on Facebook can sometimes be a little confusing, so we’ve outlined the basic process below for your convenience.   

Start by Defining Your Budget  

The best place to start a Facebook Ads process is to define how much money you want to spend on your ad campaign. Once you’ve thought that over, you can then tailor everything in the campaign to suit that budget. Facebook Ads allow you to be flexible with your budget, and you don’t have to spend much money for an ad campaign to work its magic.   

You choose how much you spend, and you can increase or decrease that amount over time as you see necessary. As your campaign gathers momentum and the trends change or your listings have altered a bit, you can adjust your budget accordingly.  

Know Your Audience  

The importance of knowing who your ad is for cannot be stressed enough. The last thing you want from your Facebook ad campaign is people who have zero interest in buying homes responding to it.   

The beauty of running an ad through Facebook is that it lets you narrow down your target audience and tailor your ad to reach your specific kind of user. So, it’s vital that you nail down who you want to reach through your ad beforehand so it can have the desired effect on your real estate career.  

Plan the Actual Ad Content  

Choosing the right content to advertise is crucial to creating a successful ad campaign on Facebook. You’ll need to be very intentional about what image or video you’re going to use and what your message/offer will be.   

These points are essentially what your ad will be about, so they need to be striking and intriguing to your target markets’ needs. In your ad content, identify a pain point you’ve noticed in your target market experiences, then offer them a quality solution.   

You can do everything right in setting up your ad campaign, but if you’re not offering something enticing, people won’t be interested. This is why it’s so important to know your audience and what they need!  

Have a Quality and Easy-to-Follow Landing Page  

A landing page for your Facebook ad can make or break it.   

Let’s say your ad about how you can take the stress off a home seller gets a lot of traction on Facebook. People are excited and follow the link to find out more. That’s great! However, there’s an issue that users run into. The page they’re taken to by clicking on your ad is slow and unclear.   

That page is your landing page, and it has the ability to draw someone in even more or completely lose them forever.   

It’s very important.  

You’ve got to ensure that your landing page is up-to-scratch and easy to follow so that when someone clicks on your ad, they have an enjoyable and seamless experience. This increases the chances of that person booking a call with you and gaining you a new listing for you tenfold! If you need help setting up a quality landing page for your Facebook ads, get in touch with us.   

Remember, getting the click wins you the battle, but keeping the click wins you the war.  

Keep the Ad Updated  

A common problem that a lot of people make is that once they’ve set up their ad campaign, they don’t check their Facebook ads manager account and ultimately forget to monitor their ad.   

As we mentioned earlier, this is quite an important part of a travel-related ad because of seasonal and service reasons. Things change constantly, and your ad needs to follow suit.  

The best way to achieve your ad goals is to maintain and update your campaign when tweaks are needed constantly. And yes, tweaks will be needed.   

Final Thoughts  

If everything we’ve spoken about in this article sounds like “too much admin” for you to think about, you may want to consider hiring a paid media specialist like us here at BRBD Marketing. We can create, manage, maintain, and update your campaign for you! Not to mention construct you converting landing pages! 

We’re particularly passionate about the real estate industry, and we love helping various agencies be seen and, in turn, grow their reach.  

Get in touch with us, and let’s have a conversation!  

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