Can you use TikTok South Africa for business?

TikTok can be a great way to attract new clients. You as a business can tap into your brand’s creative side and create fun, entertaining marketing that will reach a wide audience. TikTok can be a good choice for marketing and advertising your business, as there is a huge number of users on this popular social media platform and it can be much easier for your video content to go viral on TikTok than on other social media platforms. 

With people spending a movie’s worth of daily time on this app, and an algorithm that is rigged to make people go viral, TikTok is a place like no other.  But here is the question. How do you ensure that YOUR brand will catch people’s attention?  

Create TikTok’s Not Ads!  

Tiktok is a place for authentic entertainment, humour, and fun. So be authentic! Reveal your brand’s true identity and what you stand for. If you do this, users will feel more connected to you and your business and that will lead to trust.   

People come to this platform to relax with some lean-back entertainment, similar to turning on the telly. As we can see, with streaming platforms like Netflix and Showmax rising above DSTV, South Africans don’t want ads stuffed down their throats. That’s why they install ad blockers and want to delete YouTube after the second unskippable ad. 

But You are a business. How do you generate leads and sales without ads?  

When designing any good sales funnel, it is only at the very end where we target people to press buy, as the masses aren’t always browsing for the next best accounting service to spice up their small business, for example. But we need to create content so that when they or anyone in their network does decide to look for your product, they know who to turn to and recommend, as they already trust you. This is the beauty of TikTok, and where its greatest power lies. If you want people to find your content on TikTok, you need to put some thought into TikTok SEO. This means by optimizing your content so it is found by people when they are using the search feature on the platform.  

TikTok should never be seen as a place where your future patrons see something, fall in love with it, and purchase it immediately. While there is a place for this style of content, only using this strategy will create dry and, dare I say, boring content. Checkers has spent a lot of money to get their content in front of people’s eyes in order for their products to be seen. 

While the contrast is true for brands such as Red Bull, while their content isn’t always optimised for TikTok, their hyper-engaging, thumb-stopping content has allowed them to create an audience of 4.1 million. Red Bull doesn’t pay for their views; in fact, TikTok likely pays Red Bull. 

TikTok is perfect for creating awareness and generating interest in your niche. With the right content strategy and a path for the customer to follow, these 15-second videos could be exactly what your brand needs to take it to the next level. TikTok is a perfect place to show your business’s creativity and be recognized as an exciting and trusting brand. Your goal as a business creating content should be to provoke discussion and spark interest and conversation.  TikTok is a fantastic space to identify the latest trends yet to be popular.  

TikTok trends are never static and it is easy to identify the latest trends yet to be popular. You as a business can use this to your advantage to create fun, informative marketing and test them to see how your audience reacts. Another excellent thing about TikTok trends is that they are never static, meaning you will have fun creating the content and testing them to make your audience happy. 

Are you interested in growing your business on TikTok but could use some professional help curating a strategy? Book an appointment today to see how we at BRBD Marketing can help you achieve your business goals!  

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