Constantly growing using Google Ads

Sales can often seem like a numbers game. And it can often seem overwhelming to get these business leads to your business. So how do you manage to do this?

Google Ads can be a fantastic way to drive leads to your business, but it can often be overwhelming! The Google Ads system is not the easiest to navigate and can seem like the matrix! And what is worse is when you look for help you will find little information relating to using Google Ads in South Africa.

So that is why we are here! Here are 3 tips to dominate Google Ads in South Africa:

Use Specific Keywords to target your ideal business leads

Keywords are what Google uses to identify the people looking for your ads. So, having specific keywords relating to your business can help. The two types of Keywords you would use are short tail and long tail. Short tail keywords are one or two words, e.g., “Plumber” or “Financial Advisor”. Long-tail keywords are 3 or more words often short phrases, e.g., “Plumbers in Cape Town Southern Suburbs” or “Financial Advisors in Tokai”. Short tail keywords often have more clicks, but long-tail keywords often produce more conversions at a slower rate. Which you use depends on your needs and budget.

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Start Slow then Grow

I often see clients run in with large budgets into Google Ads. And a week later they stop advertising! Google Ads works on an algorithm that does better over time. So, start small with as little as R5 per day and increase as your leads increase!

Be Patient

Again, I am going to refer to the algorithm. But as I said in point number 2, it works better over time. This is because Google can analyse who likes and doesn’t like your ad and will be able to show it to the right people! It also helps you optimize your budget.

Advertising is hard. If it were easy, we would have no need for ad agencies like Be Rad Be Digital. But it is more than possible to master it!

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