Social Media Planning for Finances

We live in a society where most people want to be entertained 24/7. After 2 hours of doom scrolling, some people wake up, and realise that they can’t waste so much time being unproductive. Instead of deleting the guilty cuprite that inspire these scrolling binges, the consumers turn to people like you!  

“If I’m going to be scrolling, I might as well be learning something in the process” they say to themselves.  They now turn to “Financial Versions” of the entertainment they have been consuming. So, how can you ensure that you are the brand people start following, and endlessly consuming? 

Check Your Bio 

Wait, how is optimising my bio going to help gain more followers? 

In in order for people to discover page there are 4 mains methods that Instagram has made available. 

The 4 Methods Instagram uses to get your Content discovered

The first being, their friends send them your post. This is ideal, and the goal mine, you already have social proof and a post that is sent is given more attention than one that appears on the feed. 

Number 2, through the explore page. Getting on the explore page is a-whole-other beast. When selecting posts for the explore page, Instagram looks into how well the post is doing with the current audience. The amount of engagement you get off the bat is quite important.  

With the new update, it seems that the hashtags you use help with telling Instagram what audience to put your content in front of, this includes the explore page.  

The third way your content gets seen is through a new feature Instagram has implemented. Instagram now puts new content from people you don’t follow, in between the other content on your main feed. 

The final method is through searching, for a topic and your page comes up. This is the people we are targeting today. People who wake up from their mindless scrolling and wish to put some investing nuggets in the midst of their relaxing entertainment. 

How Should You optimise your profile? 

You want to make your page more searchable. How you accomplish this, is through using smart keywords in bio. Be careful of not putting in to many keywords. As this is also the place people look for when asking themselves if they should follow or not. “What’s in it for me” they wonder. Your bio is where they look to answer that question.  

Besides the bio, another valuable place to put in your key terms, is in the name of the page. We are not removing your page name; we are merely ensuring that we use all the tools Instagram gives us.  

She can do this, because Instagram already puts her name at the top here. So, if your username and your name are similar, why not put a searchable term that shows who you are as a brand as your “name”.  

Creating content for finance pages is a great way to educate the masses, and it is something that is vitally important. If people are going to be scrolling endlessly, give them something that’s worth their time. But remember, people are on these platforms to relax, so if your content requires to much concertation. They will simply scroll past, so make it fun. Make it Entertaining, and most importantly, go make a difference!