CRM Design

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software is the tool used to manage your business. This tool tracks your sales team, marketing team and customers to allow for greater management and reporting!

It can seem complicated, but it really replaces that old spreadsheet you have been using! Making your life easier and quicker!

BRBD works with different providers such as HubSpot and Zoho to provide customers with the best possible CRM.

Why Should I Use CRM software? 

CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software can often seem unnecessary or more effort than its worth. It is often looked at as expensive and something a spreadsheet can do. However, I am here to show you why this is not true.

Why CRM is Necessary? 

CRM is a necessity in businesses! Especially when those businesses work in teams or want to grow using online marketing. It helps in keeping track of your clients. Everything from the products/services they use to when their birthday is. You can also store previous communication.

Is CRM expensive? 

It doesn’t have to be! Our proffered software is Zoho, due to its cost-effectiveness and value for money. It also allows us to customise the software specifically for your business! This makes it easier for you to use and can often save you time.

However, besides Zoho, there are many free versions that can help your business tremendously!

Can a spreadsheet do its job? 

No definitely not. Even with online spreadsheets such as Google Sheets. Collaboration is still manual and limited. In a CRM is it more automated and allows for more collaboration. It also offers features such as email tracking that a spreadsheet does not.

When should you get a CRM?

There are many reasons to consider a CRM but here are 5 examples of when you need a CRM:

  • If you have more than one employee
  • If your staff are working remotely
  • If you generate Sales Online
  • If you have more than ten recurring clients
  • If you are growing rapidly

I know CRM can seem confusing. So how about we sit down and see if it works for your business. Moreover, if it does, we can discuss what it will cost to run and setup. So, you can see where you stand before you spend a dime.