How to get Leads to your business?

Every business needs to make money, right? Otherwise why do it. Passion can only get you so far before money starts running out and the bills start rolling in. But how do you keep making more money?

The mistake we see many businesses make is they stop looking for clients. People love to tell you how they don’t do marketing and they keep a constant stream of income. But what if those clients leave……Then what? We believe in constantly growing, even if it is slow and limited. As this keeps your business on the right trajectory, both brand-wise and income-wise.

So how do you keep a constant amount of Leads to Business? How do you grow your business? And what is lead generation anyway?

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What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is as it sounds, generating leads. It is where sales and marketing meet to create that beautiful relationship called the leads journey or sales process. This revolves around marketing specifically designed at selling rather than brand building. It can be in the form of advertising, outreach or running specials. It is the process of getting Leads to Business, thus growing your business.

How do I Generate Leads?

There are many different types of generating leads, and there is not one that’s better than another. There are some that are suited better to some businesses but all will work for the majority of businesses. Here are 4 of my favourite ways of generating leads:

  1. Paid Ads – Paid ads on Facebook and Google allow you to target customers for your business directly. This is one of the fastest ways of generating leads!
  2. Content Marketing – Content is king! Also, over the long term can prove as one of the most cost-effective! However, it is a long term strategy.
  3. Networking – Coffee meetups, conferences, masterminds, and business breakfasts are all ways to build new relationships that can lead to leads and referrals.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – we all love Google Search, right? So wouldn’t it be amazing if your business could be on the first page of Google? Imagine the Leads to Business then!

How do I keep the Leads Flowing?

Its all and well to know how to get leads and the different options available. But how do I make sure they keep coming? 

You need to keep working on Sales & Marketing even when business is good. This will help you to ensure that business stays good. So keep putting out content and running paid ads! As this will help you to ensure the leads keep flowing. And if you are struggling to keep up with everything, you can always work with us to keep your brand visible and growing long term. BRBD works on long term strategies that will keep you growing. 

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Do you need leads?

Is your business needing leads? Are you wanting to keep leads flowing for years to come? Then what you need is a partner who can help you grow. 

With the selling of lists and data becoming more restrictive, the old cold calling is no longer a viable option to get Leads to Business. But using Social Selling and Online Advertising, you can create a steady stream of leads for your business. 

At BRBD Pty Ltd, we believe in not only growing your business in the short term but working with you to grow in the long term too. We do this by incorporating Lead Generation and Marketing to help you build your business and your brand influence. This makes you a household making future lead generation easier than before! 

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