Our Team

Our Team at BRBD is almost like a work family. While we all have different skills and expertise, we bring them together to create a strong unit that can change the world.

Brad Taylor - CEO & Founder🙃

BRBD Marketing was first formed as a side hustle project by Brad in 2019. Since then the business has grown as he showed client a new way of marketing. Brad is a data and SEO nerd and spends lots of time watching the trends. He uses this love to ensure we are always delivering results for our clients in the most efficient way.

Brad enjoys mountain biking, fishing, and wine tasting, as well as taking his young whippet🐶 Leo out for a run!

Ethan Davids - Account Manager🤓

Ethan was the first full-time staff member employed by BRBD. Ethan has a passion for growth. He finds new ways to improve his own and his client’s performance at every chance he gets.  Ethan is a born and bred Cape Townian.

Ethan enjoys forex trading, online gaming, and testing out new technology in his free time.👨🏽‍💻

Braeden Izatt - Content Manager📸

Braeden joined BRBD as a freelancer back in 2021. Since then he has become invaluable and now forms part of our permanent team. Braeden grew up in the small town of Hermanus before moving to Cape Town to study media. Braeden has a passion for video and social media. He is always looking for new ways to expand our clients reach.

Outside of work, Braeden plays the guitar, he enjoys working out (results downloading – the update is taking a couple of months to full install😂). Braeden also loves reading, playing chess and challenging myself to become a better version of himself.

Mike Mckenna - Content Creator✍️

Mike joined our team halfway through 2022 to help us extent our content creation capabilities. 

Mike has a passion for writing which he started pursuing in 2020. He has a way of being both formal and relatable, a unique asset to have! 

Outside of work Mike enjoys Basketball, reading, and spending time with his family. ⛹🏼