Social Media Marketing to Build Your Business

Are you tired of the ups and downs of generating Leads? What if you created Leads organically?

This process takes longer to setup, but when its up, it works consistently for you! And in the long run, its costs you less!

Now you’re probably asking how?

Using Social Media Marketing and SEO techniques, we create engaging content over a range of platforms to improve your search ranking and your social media. This create long lasting bonds with your customers, creating sale after sale.

Now you are probably saying I don’t have the time to wait a few months for this to start working?

And we understand that. That is why we have built this package to include short term lead generation techniques to ensure you are growing for the short and long term.

Jump on a Free call with us, and let’s see if your business needs Social Media Marketing!

5 Tips to dominate Social Media Marketing in 2021

Social Media Marketing changes year after year and a lot has changed in 2021. It is important to understand how the market and consumers on Social Media have changed to be able to reach and connect with them

Social Media Marketing is all about creating connections and relationships with your audience to help them grow with you long term. So here are 5 tips that will help you connect with your customers and dominate the market in 2021:

  1. Know who you are Targeting. If you don’t know who you are targeting you are going to either end up with the wrong customers/ leads/ website visitors or you are not going to have any leads at all. Either way this is not beneficial. So Make sure you know who you are targeting.
  2. Be Unique and think outside of the Box. There are so many businesses on Social Media these days. So what makes you stand out, what makes you different? This is what you have to build into your strategy to ensure you are staying relevant and relatable. For example, one of the brands we work with Once A Week Blog are a finance based blog. The financial industry is usually very serious in their media. So our team worked at making Once A Week relatable and relevant by adding fresh posts, light heartedness and implementing content such as Funny Friday, where we share a Financial Based Joke with the audience. 
  3. Be Genuine. There are so many brands who are generic and robotic on Social Media. No one wants to follow or be friends with a robot. They want to feel and engage with a real human. Make sure you are Genuine with your Social Media content.
  4.  Explore New Platforms.  New Platforms are a great place to build up a new following. For example how many businesses are on TikTok in South Africa or have a presence on the platform. Very very few. Almost none at the time of writing this. But the ones that are and are suited to the platform have seen tremendous growth. Keep exploring the new platforms and test to see if it works for your brand.
  5. Use an Agency. Now you can see the amount of effort, planning and preparation it takes to run a Social Media Marketing Campaign. And you need to spend your time on other things, that is why getting an agency like BRBD to handle this side of your business can save you time and make you more money. Fill out our form below and we can discuss how!
One of our Funny Friday Posts for Once A Week Blog