social media marketing benefits

Should Your business be on Facebook 

Facebook seems to be a challenging, landscape. With meme’s, videos, and a whole other style of communication. Is it worth the effort for your business to try and fight for attention in this saturated market?  Yes, is the simple answer, with a user base of just over 2.7 billion monthly users. Not being on Facebook is like turning down free exposure. …

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Social Media Planning for Finances

We live in a society where most people want to be entertained 24/7. After 2 hours of doom scrolling, some people wake up, and realise that they can’t waste so much time being unproductive. Instead of deleting the guilty cuprite that inspire these scrolling binges, the consumers turn to people like you!   “If I’m going to be scrolling, …

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How to Manage Leads?

Managing Leads is vital to growing your business! Leads are your potential customers and if they are not taken care of, they will never become customers. But how to manage business leads? The first step is to get a google CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software. This software helps you keep all your customer information …

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Why Outsource Sales?

Without sales there is no business. And building businesses is what we are after! But why outsource sales? Salespeople are expensive, especially the good ones! And when you’re starting out you can’t afford full time salespeople, let alone experienced ones! But if you don’t have a team following up on your business leads, your leads …

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