What does BRBD stand for?

BRBD Pty Ltd was formed in February 2019 in Cape Town South Africa. The company is now referred to as BRBD or BRBD – the Sales Experts. But what does BRBD mean? It is a question people often ask? An assumption most people make is that it is a playoff the founder’s name Brad, as it has 1 letter difference. And this is probably just a lucky coincidence.

The real meaning is Be Rad Be Digital. The founder was often known as B-Rad, and so being “rad” was a word he often uses. So he wanted to work it into the name of his company while still remaining relatable. He wanted to bring South Africa into the new day of Social Media Sales, as this has been shown to be slow growth in South Africa. The thought behind the name is if you want to be rad you need to be digital.


What about BRBD now?

So now Be Rad Be Digital is often referred to as BRBD – the Sales Experts. This is because they are a marketing agency that is focused on Sales and Lead generation. Rather than just focusing on building followers and building brands, we focus on growing businesses and increasing revenue! And this is what our clients want, more revenue and better ROI’s.

Social Media is a great place with lots of opportunities to gain customers for your business, you just need to have the right balance between value, trust and selling! It is a balance that takes time to develop and is different for each business.

Businesses evolve over time and we are happy with where we are now! And now that you know a little about our history, why don’t you become a customer too! We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss how we can grow your business in the online world.

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