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New and well-established social media marketing companies in South Africa & Social Media Marketing in South Africa use social media to create leads, grow their following, and increase their sales. Using social media to build your brand may feel like a massive endeavour with all the platforms that are accessible to you. Yet, it’s a lot easier than you think to use social media to interact and connect with people and grow your brand organically.

Regardless of whether you’re only just beginning to use social media or have been using it for quite a long time, there’s always an opportunity to get better. Every social media platform has various uses that can be useful to you.

Keep reading to learn more about the social media tips and hacks that you can apply that will allow you to optimize your marketing strategy.  Take a look!

Create Different Strategies For Every Social Media Platform

In the same way that you would prepare different parts of your marketing strategy, you need to have an intentional and specific plan for every social media platform you use. Each platform has best practices and nuances that allow you to generate engagement. Your brand might not have a presence on every social media platform, but you need to have a platform-specific strategy for your posts to be targeted.

If you’re still new to social media, focus on the quality of your content over the number of your posts and platforms you use. For many businesses, specifically small businesses, attempting to tackle a new strategy on five different social media platforms frequently results in average performance with almost no outcomes.

Be Consistent

The consistency of your posts needs to be specific to each of the social media platforms that you’re using. Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram Stories expect you to be active occasionally throughout the day to get the most significant potential from your followers. Other types of posts, similar to standard Facebook updates and Instagram posts, don’t have as much urgency and can be used less often. While deciding on your post strategy, consider different factors, such as how the algorithm works for each social media platform and if content posts chronologically or is curated depending on various factors.

Keep in mind; your followers are most likely following hundreds or more other people. If you’re slacking and not posting new content as regularly as the other accounts out there, it’s easy to get lost and neglect your account.

Centre Your Messaging

Every social media platform you use will have its own demographic. There will be some crossover of the people you’re targeting on these platforms, but you need to understand your demographics to tailor your message and have the best impact.

Having an engaged and focused message will allow you to create better quality content on brand and appeal to your audience. If you have a strong message that you don’t wander from, you can depend on your social media posts to resonate with your audience consistently.

Sprout Social has a great social media targeting that gives you more flexibility on who sees your social media posts. Contingent upon the platform, you have the option to target your posts by language, location, socioeconomics, and different criteria.

Suppose you want to share a post on LinkedIn that targets the finance industry. Your followers on social media in IT or the medical field probably won’t think it is pertinent. Rather than filling their stream with insignificant content, you can decide to show that post to the people within your network who are also in the finance industry.

Watch Out For What’s Trending

When you have your critical messaging covered, watch out for popular trends arising on each social media platform. If you notice a strategy or trend gaining popularity and it aligns with your message, you should consider capitalizing on it to drive engagement.

Be careful about committing to each new trend you see. Making posts that don’t line up with your overall messaging to seem relevant is a quick method to alienate your followers and target audience. You never need to make specific content just because you see other different brands doing it.

This is the reason it’s so vital to creating a focused message so that you have a benchmark against which to gauge the entirety of your future social media posts.

One approach to have a consistent supply of popular content is to list the sites in your industry that publish top-calibre, current content. Add them to an RSS reader such as Feedly. That way, you’ll have a dashboard that’s full of the most recent posts from sites that you trust. You’llYou’ll likewise realize that you have relative content you can confidently share with all your followers. Use that content only as motivation and inspiration for your brand’s unique posts that include a unique twist that other various brands in your niche aren’t doing.

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